My Last Name

Clank, clank, clank...

It was in 7th grade when I was putting together a jewelry box for my mom in Woodshop class and my classmate, Brian, ran across the room to share with me what looked like exciting news. Wide-eyed, huge smile and joy written all over his face, I was hoping he would say we might have a longer summer vacation. He began with his epiphany, "Tam! Guess what!?"

Excitedly, he put his right hand over his mouth to contain his laughter while I responded with a smile, "What?"

In slow motion, he said," know our friend Chris Pawn over there? Did you know...that if you two ever get married...."

Instantaneously, two and two clicked together and I was hoping he would whisper it, but he belted out, "Your name would be Tam Pawn!" and it followed with a laughter sounding like this, "uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh, and with each "huh," it hit a higher note.

Just in case I did not understand him the first time, Brian emphasized, "Get it!? Tam Pawn!" He laughed again hysterically and I almost considered getting his inhaler for him.

At the moment, my eyebrows raised and forehead furrowed with a pouted mouth. Two seconds later, I could not help but slap my leg and join in the laughter.

Ten months ago, Greg and I exchanged our, "I do's." Tomorrow night, we're taking off to our honeymoon in Paris and Barcelona in celebration of our marriage as Mr. and Mrs. Lontok. Au revoir!!