New Beginnings

A few weeks ago, I enrolled in two classes at the California Art Institute for my upcoming project. One class specializes on head and figure drawing, while the other is an emphasis on landscape, portrait, and still life painting using water media. My drawing class took place this past Monday and truth be told, I am a complete novice when it comes to sketching with charcoal. Within the three hours, I took in every stroke slowly and utilized my kneaded eraser more often than necessary. Fortunately, my art professor was patient, kind, and understanding. He allowed for me to express what I saw when I looked at the model on stage, make my mistakes along the way, and guided me when it was appropriate.

While reading in bed that evening, Greg decided to put his book down and asked how my class went. Turning around to lie on my stomach and hands anchoring my face, I said after a sigh, "It was hard. I felt as if I were in the shoes of one of my Kindergarteners and learning how to read or write for the first time."
Of course, Greg took amusement to my melodrama and comforts me by saying, "It's's only the beginning and your first class. You are working on your spatial sense of the brain. It takes practice. Let's go check it out."
We went up to the office and I showed him my work. A few minutes later, we were both practicing and drawing. As I was ordering The Human Figure book suggested by my professor, I took a glance at Greg sketching alongside with me and could not help but feel grateful to have such a supportive partner and friend.
Below is my first sketch and I wanted to post it as a reminder of the beginning...the feeling of excitement, doubt, and allowing myself to fall in order to learn.
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