Life goes on, brah! Lala how life goes on.

This song always come to mind when I think of our K-1 level and it's not the original Beatles version, but it comes from the All You Need is Love - Beatles Songs for Kids album. Maybe because my parents always tried to make me look like their #1 fan growing up, hence the picture and haircut below....I can still recall strangers asking politely whether if I was a boy or girl. How appropriate of a song for me during that stage to keep smiling even if I was unidentifiable, "Life goes on, brah! Lala how life goes on."

Last Thursday, our K-1 level had a Beach Theme Family Night. The event was for the parents to spend time with their kids in their respective class as they show them what they do for reading centers. All the teachers prepared the room accordingly with activity centers, which incorporated word families, poetry, homophones flip flops, fishing for word endings, matching games and other work centers.

It was a beach theme evening and the students were encouraged to wear beach attire. This includes board shorts, sundresses and things of that sort. Considering it was 58 degrees, we didn't think it was necessary to mention "no bathing suit or bikinis."

Lo and behold, one of my girls came in rocking aviator glasses, pink flip flops, brown and pink floral tankini and a cover up dress. Once she got inside the classroom, she took off her dress and I immediately wanted to run to her and wrap her in a towel because it was cold and not "reading center" friendly. Instead, I asked her, "(Name), do you have something you can wear just in case you get cold? I just don't want you to get sick."

As she was trying to respond, one of the boys answered for her. Wide-eyed, he looked at me and asked, "But Mrs. Lontok...whhhyyy?"

Raising his hands up and down, he replied astonishingly, "She looks awwweeesome!!"

I couldn't help but laugh and think to myself, "That's exactly why charmer boy..."