Greg and I walked to our hotel late one evening and came across a local. He greeted us, "Bonsoir!" Excitedly, I responded, "Merci!"

I know, I know....I was definitely mortified after Greg looked at me immediately to see if I caught on what I was saying. Once I covered my face with my hand, he bellowed out a hearty laugh.

As we were sipping our cafe with Grace and Quinn, Greg decided to share the story. His voice and tone changed variations and if he could sing, there would be runs. "So Tam and I were walking home last night and then someone greeted us good evening and guess what Tam says?" he stood at a pause to keep the suspense and then he answered, "she ends up saying thank you to him!"

Honestly, in my mind, this would be equivalent to someone saying, "I love you" and you just responding, "thank you." Paris, I do love you and I must are a beautiful city and I would love to see you again one day. I definitely enjoyed our time and thank you so much for the experience.

Seine River
DSC_7012paris day 1

Eiffel Tower
DSC_7021paris day 1

Pride in Paris
DSC_7088paris day 2

Louvre Museum
DSC_7096paris day 2

Our last evening walk in Paris...
DSC_7438paris day 2

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