Projects and Updates

During the first half of this year, I worked with LMU and CLC to create a two-year set of meditation meetings within the theme of personal vocation. The experience has been nothing short of amazing and I am grateful to work with such a dynamic team. It gave me an opportunity to do what I enjoy and contribute to the community. This summer, I am looking forward to working with them again to complete the four-year set by the end of this December. Through this writing journey, I have found it helpful in my own personal projects of creating a children's book series and an education blog. The blog provides remedial tips, strategies, and theories I have learned throughout my experience and to be able to share it with parents, educators, and students. My goal is to give access to these resources for all. By all means, I would not consider myself an expert, but this blog is more of a glimpse of my class notes.

Inspired by Ignatian values and principles, the children's book series is about two dragonfly siblings experiencing life together. The series is called Drago and Sky. As of right now, the story has been created and I am currently working on the illustrative side of it. Of course, there is no time frame and I am taking it day by day. After all, it is supposed to be fun right?

Aside from the writing projects, some late evenings were spent the last month in creating my own portfolio site. Although I found myself in moments of frustration and exhaustion because I could not understand certain codes or functions, I had fun and enjoyed learning throughout the entire process. The portfolio site is a combination of my writing and photography. With the encouragement of some key influencers, whom I feel forever indebted, I am officially launching the photography business. Of course with anything else in life, there is a lot for me to learn. But I am excited to take it all in and cannot be more thankful for the friends and family who supported me along the way. Life is great because of you.