Reading Between the Lines

Last night I came home around 10pm from my Monday night class and was greeted by Greg with a warm hug. Before joining Greg at the dinner table to catch up with our day, I went to the bedroom to drop off my backpack. As I walked in our bedroom, I found a box with DVD's below and a book on top. It caught my eye because it was right on top and the green book contrasted against the brown. Being my curious self, I decided to take a quick glimpse of the title and expressed a little concern. My backpack dropped and I immediately asked Greg across the room, "Greg, is everything okay between us?"

"Of course, why would you ask?" he responded.

"Well, the title of the book you ordered says, Why We Hurt," I responded.

He laughed and told me it's his physical therapy book for his back. My bad, maybe I should read between the lines a little more. =)