Resetting for 2013

Happy New Year, Everyone! Greg and I returned from Amsterdam two days ago and we are utterly jet lagged. Could I be truthful? I am enjoying every bit of it. For the last year, it was our goal to begin our days at 4am. However, grabbing my phone and swiping my finger across for two extra hours always deemed more favorable. We could have made a few adjustments to reach our goal, but at the end of the day, it was a choice in lifestyle. Within the last 48 hours, we were gifted with the taste of this experience and it allowed us more time to be productive and mindful. In the midst of the silent mornings, we started our day in the realm of peace and realized how much we wanted to nourish this state and energy.

After New Year's Day, Greg and I took a two hour train ride from Amsterdam to Cologne. Aside from discussing our goals and inspiration for the year, we also shared how the end of 2011 was truly a difficult time for us and how 2012 was our grace and recovery period. We took each day one by one and were grateful for the sweetness of the journey along the way. While we were in Europe the last two weeks, it gave us time to restore our energy and regain focus for this coming year. We are excited for 2013 and looking forward to creating new and heartfelt memories with our family and friends.

Cheers to the first blank page of a 365 page-book. May it bring joy to your heart and warmth to your home. Write a good one.

Amsterdam - December 2012