Sea Turtles...

Flashback twenty-one years ago, Jimmy was five and I was eight. With a sea turtle cupped in each of our hands, we walked to the creek and set our sea turtles free. We thought a life in a tank was not fitting for our little friends and it was time to let them go. Balancing our way down the walkway, we eventually made it to the water. Crouching down, we looked at our sea turtles one last time and glanced at each other as we began counting, "One...two...three...."

Jimmy and I rested by the rocks until we could no longer see the turtles.

Twenty-one years later, Jimmy is now twenty-six and I'm twenty-nine. It's not the sea turtles I'm setting free this time around, but my own brother...While on the jet, he called to say farewell last night. After the lines disconnected, I looked at Greg and he wrapped his arm to pull me closer...laying my head on one of his shoulders, we were in complete still and silence on our couch. Greg gave a reassuring squeeze on my arm and said, "He'll be back soon...he's been waiting to do this his whole life...."

Take care Jimmy, everyone at home is praying for you and awaiting your return.