Should...Could...or Would?

Upon opening my email during lunch today, I found myself quite somber after reading a particular notice. It was my CSET scores from all three cumulative tests, I passed two subtests and was shy nine points from one of the tests to go on passing. It was 220 to pass the subtest and I scored 211. Honestly, I am disappointed more than anything, but what can I do now? Just have to bite the bullet and know to work harder at it next time around.

It was a little bit harder to swallow because I received a notice from my advisor stating I should be done with the test by March 2nd, 2009 in order to continue my student teaching program. This posed to be a problem because the next test to retake is March 14th, which is after the deadline. I'll go talk to my advisor and see what I can do, but nonetheless, I'm a bit bummed and need some time today to heal. (sigh)