During spring, my school holds an annual Jazz event orchestrated by the students in Level 2 through 5, where the parents and their children gather on the grass with blankets and baskets of food as they enjoy the music. Some of my students from the previous year were performing and I was debating whether or not to attend because I had progress reports to write and evaluate. One of my students asked me, "Mrs. Lontok, did you know (brother's name) is performing at the Jazz concert today? Would you be able to make it?"

"I'm not too sure (student's name), I'll try my best you remember what time it will begin?" I asked.

He responded, "Oh, I don't know...but you know what? You can just meet me at sunset!" how can I not attend with his clever response! Quite honestly, I cannot even recall the last time I ever asked someone to meet me at sunset. But yesterday was different, Hachi and I walked over to surprise and watch Greg skate before dusk. It was the grand opening of the first skate plaza in West Los Angeles created by skaters along with a clean landscape. Below is a video I created for Greg with my my non-HD iPhone. Unfortunately, I am still on their extensive waiting list. Oh Apple...

In any case, this video is a surprise for Greg! Mackenzie is also in the middle of the clip since they were skating together last night. Would it be dorky if I admitted my excitement in integrating the preview clip with the title, "West Los Angeles - Stoner Skate Plaza?" To add an extra layer of excitement for myself, I even added a song. This might be peanuts for all the tech gurus, but it was a complete walnut with a walnut cracker for my first time....haha. Sorry, I know, please pull me out of my cave. Enjoy!!

Stoner Skate Plaza from tam lontok on Vimeo.