This past weekend, I rented the 70-200mm and 24-70mm for the wedding on Saturday and my, oh my...I think I'm in loooove. The 24-70mm had me at first click when I was testing the lens out before I took off to the wedding. You do not even have to say anything and I already know what you're thinking.....I know, I should have tested the lens out a few days before to get used to it, but that would require more rental day fees and to put it quite simply, we're in a recession =).

After playing with the lens for a bit, my eyes lit up and I mentioned to my wonderful counterpart, "Oh Greg! I have an idea!! We might as well take advantage of the lens I rented and shoot a skating sequence for you!"

Sunday afternoon, Greg and I ventured to two local spots in LA to have a little fun. The experience was amazing because it did not occur to me till I was clicking that we were both sharing our favorite pastime activity with one another - skating and photography.

Here are a few shots from Greg's session...frogs have nothing on my prince and this is without a lily pad =).





To see more of Greg's skating, please check out the slideshow below:

Greg's Skateboarding Sequence