Tet - Year of the Dragon

One of the most celebrated holidays in the Chinese and Vietnamese culture is the Lunar New Year. It is a celebration lasting about seven days. Around this time each year, I would always recall on my own childhood memories of tet. Growing up, my brothers and I shared a room with a bunk bed and twin bed for me. On the morning of tet, my parents would go into our room and greet us. Before gifting us with a red envelope (li xi), they would share their wishes for us that year and we would exchange ours to them. Then, I would tuck the red envelope (li xi) under my bed and save it for good luck throughout the year.

This year, I came across the video below reminding me the importance of tet and family. It made me grateful that my parents engrained this tradition in us throughout the years and how I look forward to continue this tradition for years to come. Happy Year of the Dragon!

Here are some photos taken with one of my favorite iPhone camera apps, Camera+, during Tet 2012.

Mom's Shrimp Rolls
photo (20)

My Mom and I
photo (19)

Li Xi
photo (18)