The -ay Family

As we were going through morning business, my students were giving words in the -ay family. One by one, they responded with words such as, "day, stay, ray, bay and Wednesday." Once I helped them spell 'Wednesday' on the whiteboard, I shared with them a story from my elementary years.

"K-1, did you guys know when I was in Level 3, I participated in a spelling bee and I lost because I could not spell 'Wednesday' correctly?" I asked.

"What happened, Mrs. Lontok?" they questioned.

"Well, it was me against another boy in the class...we were the last ones left and instead of spelling it W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y...I spelled it W-E-N-D-E-S-D-A-Y because I heard 'Wendsday.' From them on, every time I had to spell the word, I pronounced it in my head as 'Wed-Nes-Day.'

"Oh, I could see how you did that...okay, 'wed-nes-day,'" said one of my boys in the class.

Don't you love how they try to empathize with me...haha...I love K-1 :)

For our Valentine Bulletin Project this month, we created bluebirds out of hearts as shown below:


On the board, the title will be: K-1 says, "Loving you is such a Tweet!"

Before dismissal, one of the girls posted her creation on the board:


Have a great WED-NES-DAY!! :)