The Essence of Connected Learning

Over breakfast on a Saturday morning a few months ago, Greg and I discussed about how we are all blessed to live in this time and age. We began reflecting on our childhood and thought of how we used to go to the library to research or learn from what was directly exposed to us. Today, if we are interested in specific trade or skill, we have access to this information readily available over the internet space. Then, we came across on the topic of education and how there is a need for new models or visions of learning better suited for this knowledge driven era. Now, we have the capability to reimagine where, when, and how learning takes place. In years prior, our education system has been focused on outcome and everything was defined by it. Depending on the school, it did not matter who the kid is, but the material and notes given. Early this morning, I came across the Connected Learning Research Network and they emphasized on how we need to create an emphasis on the experience and whether if the kid is engaged. This shift will enable us to create skills of a lifelong learner and instill the burning need to know. It places value on the emotional and intellectual needs of a child and most importantly, their identity and place in this world. By creating a passion for learning, delivering the content and having the kids engaged will become organic. Below is a video and infographic on the theory of  Connected Learning. Enjoy!

The Essence of Connected Learning from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.