The Invitation

Dearest Greg,
Do you remember that one Saturday morning while we were having breakfast and you said to me, "Tam, I am going to decline the invitation...I just don't think I deserve it."
During that particular moment, I was reminded of why I fell for you. Your humbleness has no measure and your zest for life along with balancing your career, hobbies, and relationships is truly inspiring. You are honestly the best man I know and I am blessed to cross paths with you this lifetime.
Throughout the thirteen years of knowing you, I was always in awe of how you were able to carry a full-time job during the day and attended school full-time in the evenings at LMU...all in pursuit of your goals and dreams. Your passion and dedication demanded countless hours and late nights to the point where you had to sleep under your desk some evenings and barely having time to eat. But you always remained calm, collected, and positive...being present to everyone that you encounter.
It has been an amazing ride with you. Award or no award, your character inspires me each day. Although you tried declining, I am glad Dr. Kiesner convinced you. It gave me a chance to be a witness of your journey and celebrate your life along the way. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Congrats again...happy for you and so proud of you.
tam :)
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