The Piece to Complete

Holding our envelopes, we were divided into groups of five as we listened to the instructions to proceed. It was mentioned that we each have an envelope consisting of different shapes - triangles, squares, rectangles, octagons and etc. Working within our group, we were to piece five congruent squares together at the end of the activity. However, we are not allowed to talk, signal, gesture or take. We are only allowed to give our piece. Once all five squares were formulated, we were to share how it pertains to our real life situation. The way we approached this activity is an exemplification of how we approach our own life. It enabled us to understand the importance of learning and observing body languages and the value in listening versus talking.

Giving all of your pieces to one person.

In this particular situation, it can go either way for the person giving the piece. They either feel the need to help as much as they can by giving all of their advices and experiences or they want to feel relieved with the situation and pass it on to the next person. We learned from this activity, we must not give everything we know, but the right pieces that would allow the person to grow and complete their own square. If we give too much, it may overwhelm the person and drive the person on the receiving end at a lost.

Completing the square for someone else.

Everyone has their own gift and ability and it is imperative to take notice of it. As with trying to complete their own square, we should allow others to create their own life because everyone is different. We work with the pieces given to us and allow them to explore the rest.

Giving the right pieces.

We are being accepting and receptive of those around us. We are helping one another to become our truest self. Empowering growth is about helping one another grow and become truly, fully, humbly ourselves.

Empowering Growth has three levels:
- Care for oneself.
- Caring for others.
- Fostering communities of love and justice that help each member grow spirituality.

Empowering growth in another person:
- Genuine care for person in his or her genuine needs.
- Helping the person identify his or her unique gifts and talents, affirm them as blessings from God, encourage the person to embrace those gifts, and help the person develop them for service.

- Which relationships, habits, or attitudes help you become your best self? Help you get closer to God?
- Which relationships, habits, or attitudes hinder you from becoming your best? Hinders your relationship with God?
- Ask God how you can be more real (honest, vulnerable, open) to God, yourself and others?

Thank you Father Tri for allowing me to partake in this retreat on Friday. The awareness examination pushed me to question my life in terms of deepening my spirituality and relationship with God. Thank you for always sharing your pieces with me.