The Ride

The last month has been a whirlwind and to be quite honest, I missed responding, "Everything is going good." Week after week, it felt as if Greg and I were on a roller coaster and pleading it to stop. After awhile, Greg and I were afraid to pick up each other's phone call not knowing what to expect next.

The last thirty days, we grieved the loss of our grandmothers, traveled to Canada and Vietnam to witness both of our mothers saying their goodbyes, experienced a car accident, and two Sundays ago, I was released from the ER for a tension and cluster headache. It has been truly exhausting... I would find myself at times replaying the images in my mind and feelings of sadness would renew itself again. The support and prayers from our family and friends is what kept us lifted and grateful. Thank you for allowing us to lean on you.

As for my current response, "Things are going good."

My short story contribution is finally on Amazon as of December 4th and the ebook will be available in a few weeks. Many thanks to Mai Bui and Quyen Ngo for the opportunity!

Here is the Amazon link: A Melting Pot of Thoughts

Below is a picture of Greg and I at the launch party with my cup of orange juice. Yup, I had juice at a cocktail party. Mind you, the shawl was not helping and I should have dressed myself in sweats and socks, which could have saved me from getting sick and going to the ER the next day. All good, I'm healthy now and can't complain. =)

photo credit: ChrisLynn Photography
photo credit: Chrislynn Photography