The Story...

“A human life is a story told by God.”

This past weekend, Greg and I gathered amongst family and friends to celebrate Mr. Ton's long and amazingly fruitful life - a life of love extended, commitments kept and faith observed. He was a soldier in war and in the fight against cancer. He fought with strength and dignity, all for the love of his family. Now, when I pray and think of the presence of God, I will also think of his presence along with my other relatives as well knowing that they are together.

However, I must was heartbreaking to see Thitam and Thithoa reaching out to the casket in tears to give their final farewell. Moments like those, I cannot help but question why and have it be left unanswered. Through the homily on Thursday, I learned that our life is a story and although we may not agree with a specific chapter, it is okay to put it down and come back to it later to reason and understand.

My prayers and thoughts are with you Mr. Ton....may we meet each other again one day.