Water Pitcher

Last year, I attended the Caritas retreat in February. In the final segment, all fifty participants gathered around in a circle and were presented with five pitchers and some towels. My eyes cast down, holding back each tear as I witnessed each person choosing someone they would like to bestow a prayer upon. When it was my turn, my head lowered while approaching her. Both knees on the ground, I looked up at her with my eyes glazed and said a prayer for her. She shook her head in refusal and under her breath, "I can't let you do this..."

"Please...let me do this for you..." I responded and continued to pour the water to wash her feet. At the end of my prayer, I dried her feet with the towel, bowed my head and kissed her feet.

As my second project, I painted a water pitcher in remembrance of that particular moment with Thitam...