Wedding: Rachele and Mark

Ten years ago, I crossed paths with Mark in piano class at Loyola Marymount University. He is not only a wonderful counterpart to Rachele, but he is a man of deep spirituality, a heart of good intent and purpose grounded by the Ignatius spirit of service. Along with these characteristics, he is a great friend to many and has a welcoming presence to make others feel comfortable and at complete ease through his ability to listen, being honest and sharing his witty sense of humor. I will always remember the footprint he left for me this lifetime, saving me from taking the path of least resistance and enabling me to realize my purpose in life, along with marrying the man of my dreams.

Rachele is not only my friend, but also my mentor in the teaching profession. When I had no idea how to jump, she extended her hand to guide me. Always welcoming and always present, I am grateful for her benevolence of her time, effort and patience. My life has changed because of her kindness. Thank you Rachele for showing me how it feels to fall in love with my career.
"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." - Stephen R. Covey
Congratulations to a beautiful marriage...I am honored to know the both of you this lifetime. Thank you for allowing me to witness your life.
Taken placed in are some pics from the Markie and Rachey wedding celebration!!
m-m wedding
m-m wedding-5
m-m wedding-7
m-m wedding-8
m-m wedding-12
m-m wedding-16
m-m wedding-19
m-m wedding-25
m-m wedding-34
m-m wedding-41
m-m wedding-110
m-m wedding-136
m-m wedding-143
m-m wedding-149
m-m wedding-173
m-m wedding-179
m-m wedding-183
m-m wedding-195
m-m wedding-174

To see the rest of the pics, please check out the slideshow below: