Welcoming Home

This Easter break has been a true blessing and I thank God everyday for bringing my brother back home. After seven months, he arrived in San Diego on Saturday morning. Being able to see him walking down from the corner with his other teammates, my heart and mind felt at ease and my current state is overfilled with gratitude for the gift of life.

Two weekends ago, I finished a book from Paul Coutinho and in his writing, he shared a story about a man who was chased by a tiger. The fellow continued to run and run until he reached a well. He decided to jump into the well and landed on the tree limb in the middle of the well. Looking up, there was a tiger waiting for him and right below him were snakes at the bottom of the well. In that moment, he looked around and saw a delicious, seasonal fruit on the limb of the tree. He stretched his arm and reached the fruit with his hand to taste it.

This story was a metaphor in how to live life. Just because there are tigers above us and snakes below us, why should we deprive ourselves of the gift of this moment. The tigers and snakes represents the stress of our daily lives, whether it be our careers, relationships or any possible factors that can weigh us down. We will not be able to enjoy the gift of the present if we allow ourselves to think about the tiger and snakes. We have two choices, we can either be eaten by the tiger without any fruit or eaten up by the tiger and enjoying the fruit. May you all have a blessed and present day!

Clearly, Jimmy and I were not enjoying the fruit in the photo below :)