Yes, Yes Y'All

Woohoo! Just finished my CSET Subtest I exam and enjoyed brunch with Greg at Champagne French Bakery. It's a start for a fun weekend ahead and I cannot wait for the other activities! The beat to exemplify my current mood is Yes, Yes, Ya'll by Sergio Mendes, calming yet energizing. Sounds like tea doesn't it?

In a few hours, I'll be heading out to Tustin to be a second shooter for a wedding! I am beyond excited and of course, nervous because it's definitely something new. I'm looking forward to it... I just hope I can contain myself since Aunt Ruby is approaching town soon and my eyes tend to brim with tears more so during those times. I just don't want it to affect my metering of the camera...have my focus out of focus. =)

Tomorrow morning, I'll be venturing to Yorba Linda for Het's cousin. We'll be shooting her niece as her first birthday is coming up and the family wanted to have a keepsake of this milestone. Good times ahead and wishing you a happy weekend!!